New Chassis Dacia Duster

  First impressions are starting to come for the new 2023 Dacia Duster. Duster, which stands out as one of the cheapest SUVs in the European market and is the flagship of its brand, is stepping into its third generation. But there are many unknown points for the new chassis Dacia Duster. One of them is how it will look. But there are developments that shed light on us. Here are the details… Dacia Duster appeared in its first generation in 2010. This vehicle, which made a serious impact with its first generation, got its second generation in 2017. This vehicle, which constantly benefits from the benefits of being in Renault, is preparing to appear in its third generation in the coming years. Dacia, which recently appeared with a logo change, actually showed us the first traces of the new Dacia Duster for 2023 at the beginning of 2021. The brand, which drew the general lines of its future vehicles with the Bigster concept (first two photos), took its first step in this directi